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Pioneering Sustainability with La Belle EDuC

La Belle EDuC: Committed, Sustainable, Concerned

La Belle EDuC helps higher education programs foster a sustainability mindset in the citizens and professionals of tomorrow. As an independent, impact-first organization, its core activity is the development, implementation, and dissemination of the EDuC Label, a sustainability certification designed exclusively for higher education degree programs.

Developed under the guidance of AFNOR, the French national organization for standardization and ISO representative member of France, the EDuC Label supports leaders of higher education programs around the world and across disciplines on the path to the full integration of sustainability in their curricular and co-curricular content.

Why La Belle EDuC?

Our mission is to ensure that future employees, entrepreneurs and business leaders are prepared to reconcile business activities with present and future environmental and social challenges.
We are supporting change in higher education curricula by bringing visibility and credibility to program-level sustainability commitments while empowering students in their choice of studies.


  • More responsive to student demands

  • More responsive to the demands of employers regarding green skills


  • More attractive to students concerned about their future

  • More attractive to rankings and accreditation agencies


  • Allows students to be better informed when choosing their studies thanks to greater transparency

  • Provides visibility and value recognition for faculty and program directors actively promoting sustainability

"There is widespread agreement that business schools should do more to provide research and teaching for the next generation of students with greater focus on sustainability, ethics and social purpose."
Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times"Social purpose: how business schools around the world measure up"

La Belle EDuC recognizes and rewards the effective integration of sustainability in students’ everyday learning experience.

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