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Working Group:
Behind the EDuC Label Framework

Yannig Raffenel

Leading Expert in EdTech, Digital and Social Learning, and Blended Learning Device Engineering

As a Digital Learning and Blended Learning Device Engineering Expert, Yannig founded Blended Learning SAS to bring his 25 years of experience in this ecosystem to his customers. He brings his vision and support to build innovative devices that guarantee the employability of individuals.

Yannig has dedicated his career to assimilating all facets of archipelago organizations. He leverages his responsibilities as an Editorial & Pedagogical Director (team recruitment, methodology and production of 130+ MOOCs), Co-Chairman of the Learning-show, President of the Cluster EdTech Grand Ouest, and Member of the Board of EdTech France, as well as his experience as an expert in digital HR transformation, interface between the business world and the world of higher education, and manager of innovative training projects (Social Learning, Blended Learning and more) to contribute to the development of the EDuC Label framework.