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Join EDuC supports higher education programs with the EDuC Label, the only sustainability certification designed to recognize and reward a commitment to sustainability teaching.
The EDuC Label offers benefits for all higher education stakeholders, including:

Program Leaders

Diagnose the strength of a program in terms of sustainability integration in the student experience.


Highlight the effectiveness of teaching material and learning experiences in guiding students on sustainability.

School Administrators

Track data and communicate progress in sustainability teaching and student experience across programs.


Compare programs of all types around the world based on sustainability integration in the classroom and extracurriculars.

Introduction: Measuring Impact

While the central role of the EDuC Label is to track, validate and foster sustainability content integration in higher education programs, the founders are driven by another underlying mission – that of linking the sustainability content integration tracked via the Label with its impact on business and society at large. The EDuC Label can thus be used to measure the impact of sustainability education.

Chapter 1: Collaboration

For the EDuC Label development phase, the founders partnered with AFNOR and a select Working Group of pedagogy experts and other higher education stakeholders to identify the distinct stages of higher education programs that required attention and improvement in order to foster sustainability thinking in students that would lead to more sustainable practices in students' subsequent personal and professional lives.
AFNOR: The Leading Certification Body in France

AFNOR is the French national organization for standardization and the representative member of ISO in France. For nearly 30 years, AFNOR Group has helped organizations improve their competitiveness and have their good practices endorsed by quality marks recognized by professionals.

Olivier Graffin: AFNOR Expert Dedicated to the EDuC Label

Olivier Graffin is Sustainability Coordinator for the AFNOR Group. He has over a decade of experience as a consultant and instructor at AFNOR Compétences and has carried out numerous projects in support of corporate CSR strategies, notably leading collective operations contributing to the deployment of SD 21000 guidelines and ISO 26000 in more than 200 companies.

Expert International
Working Group

Dr. Willy Legrand: Sustainability Teaching & Writing, Germany

Quentin Ssossé: Sustainability Learning, France

Yannig Raffenel: Education Technology, France

Sennait Ghebreab: Sustainability Teaching & Coordination, United Kingdom

Aude Serrano: Sustainability in Higher Education, France

Olivier Graffin: Sustainability Certification Planning, France

Chapter 2: The Framework

A higher education program lifecycle was designed prior to arriving at the EDuC Label Framework, which would be structured as follows:
  1. Program Engineering
  2. Program Management
  3. Ongoing Program Improvement

Chapter 3: Validation

A draft Framework of 100+ criteria was submitted in French and English to 25 higher education stakeholders in Europe and the United States to be reviewed, critiqued and improved. Hundreds of comments regarding word choice, regional nuances, and relevance of criteria were taken into consideration to finalize the Framework. Consultation members include:
  • Bhuyan, Mouchumi, ESG Analyst, Spinecap
  • Carteron, Jean-Christophe, Co-founder, Sulitest
  • Darenes, Anaïs, Project Manager, Le RESES (Réseau Étudiant pour une Société Écologique et Solidaire)
  • Decamps, Aurélien, Co-founder, Sulitest
  • Deloche, Amélie, Active Member (Higher Education Projects), Pour un réveil écologique
  • Dubrocard, Nicolas, Director, Solutions Tourism
  • Foulon, Hortense, Consultant in charge of Campus Responsables, Utopies
  • Herrmann, Arnaud, Co-founder & CEO, Eco-Learn
  • Jack, Andrew, Global Education Editor, Financial Times
  • Labbé, Sarah, Co-founder & General Secretary, Acteurs de la Finance Responsable
  • Mélon, Lela, Executive Director of Planetary Wellbeing Institutional Framework & Professor of Sustainability in Business Law, ESCI-Pompeu Fabra University
  • Patel, Priyanka, Head of Product Development, Eco-Learn
  • Roy, Florentin, Active Member (Higher Education Projects), Pour un réveil écologique
  • Stephenson, Bruce, Author & Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College
  • Wozniak, Magda, CSR Project Manager, Optim Orga

Chapter 4: The Pilot

In spring 2023, the EDuC Label entered its Pilot phase with five partner universities from three countries.

Chapter 5: The Certification Process

The EDuC Label Story

The Inspiration

Join EDuC, the impact-first company behind the EDuC Label, was founded in 2020 by two university lecturers concerned about the lack of integration of sustainability content in teaching.
"Obstacles to integrating sustainability in the classroom can be traced to doubts about what to do and how to do it, doubts about its relevance or effectiveness, and doubts about student or peer reaction. The EDuC Label allows faculty and staff to resolve these doubts and become agents of change."
Johanna Wagner, Co-Founder, Join EDuC
"The current lack of verified evidence of the impact of sustainability education is hindering its implementation and acceleration on an enormous scale. We must demonstrate the value of sustainability education through the generation and analysis of data, and the EDuC Label makes this possible."
Carina Hopper, Co-Founder, Join EDuC