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The EDuC Label for Sustainability Content in Higher Education Programs

Pioneering Sustainability with La Belle EDuC

Higher education institutions have the potential to accelerate sustainable practices globally and across sectors and industries by providing tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers with sustainability content throughout their programs.
We offer a sustainability label with dedicated training to help guide higher education institutions on the path to state-of-the-art sustainability integration in their curricula.
A higher education program with an academic sustainability strategy backed by the EDuC Label is
  • better able to meet industry hiring needs

  • more responsive to student demands

"There is widespread agreement that business schools should do more to provide research and teaching for the next generation of students with greater focus on sustainability, ethics and social purpose."
Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times
Social purpose: how business schools around the world measure up"

La Belle EDuC recognizes and rewards the effective integration of sustainability in students’ everyday learning experience.

Our Services

The EDuC Label & Training

La Belle EDuC supports higher education programs with a sustainability label and dedicated training to reward their overall sustainability strategy and grow their competitiveness:

The EDuC Label

Certification is key for sharing and highlighting values and ethics with stakeholders.
The EDuC Label fills a critical need for a sustainability label designed for higher education programs.
Applying for the EDuC Label gives you and your teams access to the dedicated training bundle.

Earning the EDuC Label

Included in our training bundle, university administrators and program leaders learn how to diagnose the strength of their current approach to sustainability content and initiate and lead an effective sustainability integration strategy moving forward.

Understanding Sustainability

Included in our training bundle, university faculty and staff gain access to industry-specific sustainability fundamentals to help them get started.
Learning content is led by experts who are thought leaders in their field.

Teaching Sustainability

Included in our training bundle, university faculty are provided with industry-specific guidance on how to effectively integrate sustainability into their curricula.
Learning content is led by experts who are thought leaders in their field.

La Belle EDuC Library

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Financial Times | Gillian Tett 

US Business Schools Realise ESG Is No Fad But Part of Long-Term Trend

"[...] pressure for executives and investors to embrace ESG is likely to remain sky-high, given the growing public awareness about climate change risks and popular anger about inequality and other social issues. Indeed, these factors are now so prevalent that many corporate leaders – and business school experts – have come to view ESG as a basic risk management concept."

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La Belle EDuC

Interview: Andrew Jack, Global Education Editor, Financial Times

La Belle EDuC sits down with Andrew Jack, global education editor at the Financial Times, to discuss the challenges of integrating sustainability content in higher education programs.

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Forbes | Larry Light

The New MBA: Master Of Business Accountability

"In the recent past, one of the problems with business leaders embracing the idea of standing up for what you stand for was the limited focus of most business schools on educating MBA students in responsible business practices including gender, racism and sustainability. A single ethics class is not enough."

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The Guardian | Naomi Larsson

Revise, Reuse, Recycle: How to Be a Sustainable Student

"For freshers starting a new chapter at university, deciding how to live your life is vital. Here are some ideas for how you can be sustainable as a student."

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